Discussions about the ethics of artificial intelligence are gathering more and more momentum. Organisations big and small, who have been using machine learning and big data to great advantage, are starting to get a better understanding of the risks inherent in these technologies.

While the conversation has been important in highlighting the issue, talk is cheap - there is a burning need to see companies actually implement safeguards to improve their impact on society.
We have designed Oversight to help companies be proactive about data ethics. The nature of ethics requires a comprehensive and multi-faceted approach, which we offer through a combination of software, advice, research and strategic partnerships.

Software is made up of several components, which work together to provide a comprehensive approach to data ethics.


Algorithmic Audit

Insert any predictive model here. Our software assesses it for interpretability, bias and fairness, and prepares a report with conclusions and recommendations.

Building an Ethical Culture

We provide you with a set of recommendations to improve ethical practices within corporate culture, and support this with software solutions as necessary.

Terms of Service

Our software assesses and summarises public-facing privacy and security terms and policies to improve clarity and understanding and to promote best practices.

Data Privatisation

Our software is capable of applying a variety of cutting-edge techniques to privatise data for any given risk appetite or use case.

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